Thursday, 13 November 2008

Funny Spoof Ad on Ra-fa

I will like to share this video about a funny spoof ad on the pronunciation of Rafa Nadal.

I can't post it here, but here's the link however


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Trying too hard is sometimes a turn off

Things are nice and good when they are sufficient and in the right amount. However if you over-supply a certain quantity of something, it starts to get annoying and a rather turn off. I'm referring to Singapore.

First, we look at the country down under with their landmark icon - The Sydney Opera House, and decide that Singapore has to have a landmark building. The Esplanade was built, a building also known as the Durians.

Then Singapore looks at their ex-colonial masters and saw a beautiful thing known as The Eye - a gigantic ferris-wheel. So we built one far larger and call it The Flyer. Now we've outdone them!

Then we look over the causeway at our neighbour who sells us our water and notice that they are doing well with their one casino - Genting Resorts. We shall have TWO! That's when the Marina Bay and the Sentosa Integrated Resorts begin their construction. Yes, we win the battle of the Casino.

Oh wait a minute, they have a Sepang circuit for the F1 Grand Prix! That is way too hot in the heat of the day. Let's have a night circuit in Singapore. Oh space constraint. Let's make it a street circuit and put it in the city. That will definitely attract the crowd! And we can cordon off all the streets and make it difficult for Singaporeans to travel into this area. If all else fails, there is the ERP. Beep! That will be $2 deducted from the cashcard in Hamilton's car. Yes that was an international success.

The F1 did well, now let's get the MotoGP into Singapore as well. That will certainly put us head and shoulders above our neighbours!

Wait a minute, F1 and MotoGP is not enough, how about introducing the World Rally Championship here as well. Now the fans can't complain we are not "Fun" enough.

For goodness sake....sometimes, more is less. Please do not try so hard.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

It's already the 7th of November, and Christmas is just around the corner! Well a couple of corners actually, but we'll get there, soon.

I present to you here my Top 5 Wishes for Christmas for the year 2008:

5. Barack Obama as President of the United States of America! (Oops, just realised it has already been realised.)

Okay a new no. 5.

5. A new high-paying high-flying job

4. An Ipod touch

3. The global economic recession comes to an end

2. Winner of $500k in the gameshow "Don't Forget The Lyrics"


Numero Uno.....

1. A new right leg

Friday, 7 November 2008

Super Bo Liao Stuff

When you are bored and looking for a laugh, one of the best sites around is
And I can tell you why. Because most of the contents that people post up on it are so bo liao (boring, rubbishy, nonsensical) that you feel like laughing through your gritted teeth. Well there is a small fraction of the stuff on it which are really funny though.

First I come across this really popular post about some guy who refuses to give up his seat for a pregnant lady on board the train.
Is it necessary to take a photo of him and post it online?

And then there was this other one about the neon lights blowing off, leaving the original words "Hougang Plaza" becoming "Gang Plaza".
Come on, this is So Super Duper Bo Liao...

Tons of other bo liao stuff in there, ONLY check out when you have nothing better to do. I just happened to pass by, I have tons of better stuff to do. lol.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sports around the world

Have been catching up a lot on sports recently since I started having the Sports Channel as an addition to my cable tv channels. It's expensive to subscribe to the Sports Channel, but given a big sports fan like me, it's definitely worth it (except for the Golf Channel)!

First, on motor racing. In the F1 motor championship, Lewis Hamilton has become the youngest champion in history, albeit barely. He cruised home in 5th position in the Brazilian GP at Interlagos, just what he need to beat closest rival, Brazilian Felipe Massa, by a single point. Hamilton became the first Briton to win the title since Damon Hill in 1996.
Ferrari won their 8th constructor's championship in 10 years, garnering 172 points, ahead of their rivals McLaren which managed 151.

In tennis, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga claimed his 1st masters series title at the BNP Paribas Paris Masters with a 6-3 4-6 6-4 victory over David Nalbandian. Buoyed by the 15000 home crowd, he played a tight game against the Argentine, who is the defending champion for the title when he beat Rafael Nadal last year at the final. The win gave JW Tsonga a place at the prestigious Masters Cup Final at Shanghai.

In the Rugby League World Cup, a faceoff between Australia and England turned into a pummeling for the English as the Kangaroos thumped them 54-4. It was an awe-inspiring display by the Roos, with Greg Inglis and man-of-the-match, Billy Slater, claiming 3 tries each. It is a really embarassing result for England. Australia is hot favourite for the title after the win, following their 30-6 win over neighbours New Zealand in the previous match.

In football, there were numerous shocking upsets by the small clubs over the big boys in the English Premier League over the weekend. We saw the bottom club, Tottenham overcome the top team, Liverpool 2-1. It was the first loss in the league for Liverpool this season, and only the second win for Tottenham. Credit to Harry Redknapp for the miraculous turnaround.
Then Stoke beat Arsenal 2-1 to set alight "crisis talks" at Arsenal, following their 4-4 draw to Tottenham previously.
Hull City fought bravely but still succumbed to Manchester United 4-3.
At Bolton lifted themselves off the bottom of the table as they defeated the latest nouveau riche club, Manchester City 2-0.

These are the latest sports which I've been catching up on, and although I did catch parts of the Iskandar Open (golf) which took place over the weekend in Johor which was won by Retief Goosen, I am not so passionate about the game.

Signing off, from Doni Sports Centre.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Still stuck on crutches

Yeah still stuck on crutches despite almost going on to a month now. About slightly more than 3 weeks actually. Went to see the doc today and he said I damaged my anterior cruciate ligament as well as tore my right meniscus. Well now I have something similar to Roy Keane. He damaged his anterior cruciate ligament before. Take that Alf Inge Haaland!

Well the doc says that I have to go for Physio treatment to get my leg straightened and fully mobile before he can fix my ligament. So that's another 3 weeks before I see him again, and he has given me a 21days MC. Well I'm not sure whether that is good news or bad news, but it seems pretty bad. And I'm not sure what my boss and colleagues might think, especially now is busy season.
Guess I will be stuck at home for the next 20days, or maybe more.

On another note, I am totally engrossed in the Discovery Channel series: Man vs Wild, and Bear Grylls is absolutely awesome, gross and mad. Check the series out if you haven't, cos I think it's a series that every REAL MAN should watch. It teaches you survival techniques when you're lost somewhere, and these tricks can come in VERY handy when you are in the same environment. So far, the environments that I have seen him in are the Sahara desert, the snow covered lands of Siberia, the forests of Zambia, and many others. How do you survive in all these harsh conditions without the right knowledge and techniques? Boy this guy is reallllllll good.

However, the kind of stuff that he puts into his mouth, well almost 99% will think that it's real wild, mad and disgusting, but maybe put in the same situation, you will go for it anyway. Well this guy eats larvaes, scorpions, salamanders, yaks, yak's liver, yak's eyeballs, and tons of other stuff.....RAW! He even rips the meat from a dead gazelle a la leopard style! Just imagine.

Well I will recommend it to everyone to watch this show if you haven't already. It's Awesome!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Fan Chan

Watched a real wonderful movie on tv yesterday night, screening on filmart on Central. The title's Fan Chan (My Girl). It's a 2003 Thai movie about the life of a young boy.

This boy, Jeab, lives on the other side of the street, away from where the other boys live, and hence they wouldn't allow him to play with them. He then hangs out with the girls and becomes best mate with Noi Nah, this young girl who is his neighbour. The actor and actress for this 2 characters are real cute and good looking!

Yeah so this story goes on about the kind of games they play, and the growing up life of these children. It is a real heartwarming and feel-good movie complete with some humour as well as tear-jerking scenes. Hate to admit it, but I was moved to tears. And to top it off, the theme songs were real catchy and nice as well, with lyrics which were quite relevant to the movie. really brings you back to those days when you were young and innocent, and you really wished you can travel back in time to relive those wonderful days.

Look for it if you can find the movie (with subtitles) and hope you enjoy it.
Ah, gotta get Prasart to find that dvd for me!